Jo Harman adds extra tracks to Vinyl release

The vinyl edition of ‘Signature Soul’ now contains two bonus tracks not available on the EP, thanks to the kind courtesy of Stefan Redtenbacher and all the fantastic musicians – musical royalty one and all – who have allowed us to add the ‘Masterlnk’ versions of ‘Cloudy’ and ‘Cyprus Avenue’ when Jo was originally invited in to guest with ‘Redtenbachers Funkestra’, which in turn led to Jo recording the ‘Signature Soul’ sessions. 

Musically, it’s one of the greatest projects we’ve been involved in. The quality of the playing – and singing,  of course – is simply something else. And 100% live too. It’s always a special moment when it all comes together. Particularly when, as in this case, there was no real expectation other than to have some fun and the band chemistry, however great the players, can’t always be assured. But the magic definitely came into the room for these sessions and it’s so wonderful that it was all captured so well for posterity. This is an album of rare quality and beauty. Jo will be the first to say this is a real team effort and even the artwork, a modern take with a retro nod, only adds to the timeless feel of this important record.

To try and be fair and appreciative to all Jo’s amazing supporters we’re going to include the CD/DVD version to everyone who now orders the vinyl.

Anyone who has already bought the CD and DVD can purchase the Vinyl for a discounted price of £12