Jo Harman releases ‘ A Case of You’

‘A Case of You’ is Jo’s most recent recording (her first for a number of years) and has elicited a remarkable response including this in from noted broadcaster/journalist Clive Richardson A Case of You” is a new upcoming single from Jo Harman. It is IMMENSE, Jo has a voice to go to the end of the world for”. The song was a Joni Mitchell original, so came as a pleasant and lyrical surprise to me, and the vocal is off the scale in the most positive way, the arrangement, an exercise in subtlety. While this song has a different root, the performance is soulful with a capital S! Is there any category for this quality of singing (and music) in the various awards? if so, Jo would walk it! 

Jo Harman + Redtenbacher’s Funkestra 4 track single

Jo Harman A Case of You singles


Some Q&A’s on the queries regarding the 10th Anniversary Edition of ‘Live At Hideaway’, which is shipping on CD today.

Q – Does this release employ the original artwork?
A – Yes, we’ve used the original artwork (people seemed wedded to it) but have included a second CD and a explanatory insert in the open pocket of the digipack (more on this below) and on the front of the digipack we have a sticker identifying it as ’10th Anniversary 2-CD edition’.

Q – How much is the CD edition?
A – Standard cost for the 2-CD edition is £15 plus postage at cost (which varies from territory to territory of course). Track listings for the CD are as follows:-
Through The Night
Summer Breeze
Bless Ma Soul
Move Over
Sweet Man Moses
Better Woman

Them Changes
Seasick Lover
I Can’t Stand The Rain
A Little Help From My Friends
Underneath The River
Feelin’ Alright

Q – If we already own the original CD, is it possible to buy the second CD as a ‘stand alone’?
A – Not officially (ie not from Jo’s website store) but yes, unofficially, we are happy to sell the second disc for £6 inclusive of UK p&p (contact [email protected] for overseas prices). To do this simply send the money via paypal to [email protected] and we’ll do the rest (or contact [email protected] by email for other payment options). This item comes as an ‘onbody’ printed CD, in a clear plastic sleeve, with accompanying insert.

Q – Are there any original CDs from 2011 left to buy?
A – No, sorry, these were all sold out years ago. One’s appearing on the second hand market tend to retail at £30-£50 or more.

Q – Can we buy this re-issue without the 2nd CD and the sticker (ie mirroring the original release).
A – Yes, we can sell that at £10 plus postage at cost.

Q – Can I buy this as a vinyl LP?
A – Yes, for the first time, we are offering the original release (without the songs on the bonus CD) in vinyl format. All the original tracks are included, but the running order has been adjusted as follows to better suit the timings of each side of the record:-
Side A
Through The Night – Summer Breeze – Bless Ma Soul – Sideways
Side B
Move Over – Heartstring – Sweet Man Moses – Better Woman

Q – Where can I purchase this release in a format of my choice?
A – From Jo’s website shop https://joharman.com/product/live-at-hideaway/ is as good a place as any (look out for special deals on buying vinyl and cd together) but for non-standard versions, or for queries, please contact [email protected] by email and we’ll be happy to help.

Q – When can I expect delivery?
A – CDs should be ready for despatch before the end of May, vinyls will be issued later in the Summer due to production times.any other issues, hit me up here or by email to [email protected]

Jo Harman Live at Hideaway CD + extra CD

The backstory to “Live At Hideaway” is largely one of happy accident. Unlike most artists who have to work the ‘toilet tours’ and pubs before establishing themselves on the circuit, Jo had the good fortune to play the first-ever gig under her own name at London’s prestigious 606 Club. The owner of that venue happened to recommend Jo to the owner of newly opened Hideaway Jazz Club in Streatham. Consequently, Jo found herself fast-tracked onto the London scene and being offered regular shows at one of London’s more prestigious venues. Despite the fact that Jo Harman and Company had, by that time, only played a handful of shows in total, with an interchangeable line-up and without any attempt at the concept of rehearsal, a record was released (albeit in a low-key way) if only, as Jo remembers it, “as a showcase to get us more gigs and to have something to sell at the merch stand.” 

Because of the ad hoc nature of the performance, and (50%) cover material, Jo all but subsequently disowned “Live At Hideaway” being, as it was, something of a bridge between her role as lead singer with Soul Reality Collective and her forging a career as an original artist. As she explains: “I always had a very firm vision of who I wanted to be as an original artist, but I didn’t have too many songs of my own at that time – I was literally just starting out – and so I covered a lot of ‘classic material’, not least because we were required to do two hour sets at the various club dates that booked me. People have been very kind about it but the reality is that Hideaway is actually nothing but a jam and you can hear me, inexperienced as I was, calling off the cues throughout the songs.” 

Despite Jo’s personal reservations, it’s considered by many good judges to be one of the most exciting live blues-rock albums ever made in the UK. So much so that, on two separate occasions, two noted labels offered licensing deals for “Live At Hideaway” and twice, Jo turned them down (albeit she did licence ‘Better Woman’ to Warners, France but that’s another story).

Jo further explains ‘when I started to write for my debut album, which became ‘Dirt On My Tongue’, I decided not to manufacture ‘Live At Hideaway’ once the original few thousand copies had been sold, simply because I wanted to launch myself with a self written studio album. As a result ‘HIdeaway’ has, over the years, become something of a collectors item, sometimes attracting extraordinary prices on the internet. However, 10 years on, it seems only right to make it available again, this time with a bonus CD of other live performances from around that time, as well as offering the original version on vinyl for the very first time’.


A limited edition book of over 40 photographs has been produced in conjunction with noted photographer Alexis Maryon, to celebrate Jo’s 10 year anniversary as an originals touring and recording artist. All the portraits of Jo are taken from formal photoshoots with Alexis at the start of her career. This beautiful collection, of both colour and b/w portraits, chosen by Alexis, is contained in an limited edition hardback A4 book, numbered and signed by both photographer and sitter, and is available now from Jo’s shop.

Musician Jo Harman limited edition book by photographer Alexis Maryon


Originally recorded some 60 years (!) ago by the Shirelles, it’s a song famously covered by numerous artists, including the noted version by co-writer Carole King on her 1971 landmark album, ‘Tapestry’. 
So, some big shoes to fill, but Harman, who only ever records a cover if she can connect to the lyric, takes it to ‘Harmansville’ – a trademark emotive ballad involving a ‘less is more’ arrangement featuring Mark Edwards on Yamaha Grand Piano and Terry Lewis on Telecaster Guitar. The recording features a suitably beautiful sonic capture by multi Grammy nominated/Brit Award winner James McMillan at Quietmoney studios. 
As Solar Radio stalwart Clive Richardson kindly remarked ‘If you are going to cover a well known tune, make it your own and Jo Harman certainly does that very thing here – a gem’. Meanwhile, Chris Wells, Editor of Black music bible ‘Echoes’ declared this release as ‘recommended, we mean, really, seriously, recommended’.

Jo Harman adds extra tracks to Vinyl release

The vinyl edition of ‘Signature Soul’ now contains two bonus tracks not available on the EP, thanks to the kind courtesy of Stefan Redtenbacher and all the fantastic musicians – musical royalty one and all – who have allowed us to add the ‘Masterlnk’ versions of ‘Cloudy’ and ‘Cyprus Avenue’ when Jo was originally invited in to guest with ‘Redtenbachers Funkestra’, which in turn led to Jo recording the ‘Signature Soul’ sessions. 

Musically, it’s one of the greatest projects we’ve been involved in. The quality of the playing – and singing,  of course – is simply something else. And 100% live too. It’s always a special moment when it all comes together. Particularly when, as in this case, there was no real expectation other than to have some fun and the band chemistry, however great the players, can’t always be assured. But the magic definitely came into the room for these sessions and it’s so wonderful that it was all captured so well for posterity. This is an album of rare quality and beauty. Jo will be the first to say this is a real team effort and even the artwork, a modern take with a retro nod, only adds to the timeless feel of this important record.

To try and be fair and appreciative to all Jo’s amazing supporters we’re going to include the CD/DVD version to everyone who now orders the vinyl.

Anyone who has already bought the CD and DVD can purchase the Vinyl for a discounted price of £12

Jo Harman Announces ‘Signature Soul’

In a world where vocals are tuned to an inch of their life and producers ‘comp’ vocals from numerous takes, it’s refreshing to see a modern day vocalist doing it for real; sitting in the same room as the musicians, much in the way the likes of Dusty and Aretha did ‘back in the day’.

After a three year absence, Jo Harman recently returned to the recording studio, where she cut an entirely unedited set, aptly entitled ‘Signature Soul’ reflecting the inimitable nature of Jo’s work as both a vocalist and as a song writing artist about whom noted French Daily Newspaper ‘Le Voix Du Nord’ described as ”…the most beautiful soulful voice of England. A bewitching voice, an impressive stage show, Jo Harman mixes intimate ballads, energetic rock, soul, blues, acoustic and gospel, brought together by the magic of a music that is at once classic, innovative and timeless.”

Basically, what everyone played and sung in the moment is what you hear on this record. ‘Fixing’ and ‘editing’ is impossible anyway, simply because there is no or little separation between the players involved, singer included. The way that Jo and the guys approached this was pretty much that Take One was the run through to nail the changes and for the players to come up with some parts, Take Two was to test it out and Take Three was the record.

On material that might ordinarily involve added instrumentation, overdubs included, Jo and the guys had nowhere to hide. Raw, exposed, naked, just those four instruments and THAT voice. Real, natural, organic, soul.

• Don’t Let Me Down (Lennon – McCartney)
• Keep You Guessing (Harman – McKewan)
• The Angel Leaves Her Watermark (Wood)
• Say That You Want Me (Harman – Davies)
• Loving Arms (Jans)

‘Signature Soul’ is a new ‘Live in the Studio’ recording by Jo Harman featuring the ‘Funkestra House Band’ recorded at Masterlink Studios, Surrey UK.

Official release expected around March and will be available in Vinyl, CD/DVD format (Including videos of each song plus a mini documentary of the project) and CD only.


Additional live backing vocals on ‘Say That You Want Me’, James Welch.


Next ‘single’ from Jo Harman to go to digital is ‘I’m Gonna Keep You Guessing’ out 25th October 2019. You can pre-save it by clicking here.

This particular track has already received significant radio support – not least from Robert Elms at BBC London – and follows hot on the heels of previous singles ‘Sideways’, ‘When In The Night Hour’ and ‘Cloudy’ which, collectively have already reached 250,000 Spotify streams (and rising).

Another way to enjoy all these tunes and 9 others of equally superb standard is to join the thousands already who have done so and buy the double EP ‘Found A Place’ as a physical CD available here.

Jo Harman Headlines Chelsea Under the Bridge 21 January

In an increasing ‘music by numbers’ world how refreshing to see a line up of not one, not two, but three ‘best in class’ artists of rare credibility and sincerity when US Grammy Winner Mike Farris, UK Soul/Blues/Roots Diva Jo Harman share a double bill at Fulham’s prestigious Under The Bridge venue, for London Blues Festival, supported by upcoming Northern Irish blues/roots protégé, Dom Martin.

Widely regarded as Europes most credible – and indeed, uncompromising, artists – Jo Harman has been described by the Daily Mirror as ‘UK’s best female blues/soul voice’. An artist who, according to Classic Rock, writes ‘lip bitingly beautiful songs’ whilst Blues Magazine aptly report ‘Harman’s music, not least as transmitted by that voice, simply mainline the human soul’.  With an enviable CV main stage at some of the world’s best Festivals and venues, Harman many industry fans include Rag N Bone (‘one of our finest talents’), Huey Morgan (‘sometimes you hear a voice that leaves you speechless…I am!’) and Michael McDonald (‘hearing Jo sing is a spiritual experience‘). Indeed, McDonald offered to duet with Harman on her masterwork ‘People We Become’ album – no little kudos from a man whose previous female duet partners numbered Aretha, Joni, Carly, Patti and Chaka (surnames not required!). As roots bible ‘No Depression’ remarked ‘other critics have made comparisons with Joni Mitchell and Carole King – this is not hyperbole, there is something very special here’. A Jo Harman performance can often be less of a musical concert, more an emotional adventure.

Tennessee’s Mike Farris is another ‘one of a kind’ talent . A talent that was rewarded with a Grammy for his ‘Shine For All The People’ which was followed with the equally revered ‘Silver and Stone’ album of last year. Mixing gospel, rock, soul, blues and more, Farris is a true powerhouse performer of whom Rolling Stone declared ‘(his) supersized voice (is) filled with the electricity of Saturday night and the godly grace of Sunday mornings’.  UK’s own respected elder and tastemaker Bob Harris advises “I truly believe that Mike Farris is one of the great artists of today. He sings the truth with a depth of feeling that warms my heart and touches my soul” whilstAmerican Songwriter Magazine confirm “There aren’t many current male singers who use their voices to soar, float and deliver material with the spiritual commitment of Mike Farris”. A reformed addict (sober now for several years) Farris has faced down his own demons and embraced his personal angels in equal measure and these experiences inform and underpin his uniquely sincere and heartfelt voice and musical message to inimitable effect.  

Although a young man new to the scene, it would be wrong to think Dom Martin hasn’t paid his life and musical dues. Brought up in the often tough, but community driven, streets of Belfasts, Northern Ireland, Dom traded his craft for years locally without a (self confessed) clue how to break into the (international) music business and possibly with too much humility to try. ‘Discovered’ by current manager Fenton Parsons, Dom has made a fairly ‘meteoric’ rise in terms of todays industry, with his first ever EP release attracting BBC 6 music and BBC Radio 2 support – including a converted session with Cerys Matthews – and, quite rightly, he now has a number of international tours and Festivals in the book for 2020. His jaw droppingly – entirely natural’ sounding, and unforced/unschooled – skill on acoustic guitar, matched with an authentic ‘Belfast blues’ voice, brings to mind comparisons with many from John Martin to Rory Gallagher, with nods to many in-between, not least perhaps the likes of Van Morrison and Foy Vance. Dom really is one to watch and quite rightly specially selected by both Jo Harman and noted promoter Adrian Gibson to be the special guest opening act of this bill showcasing the very best of the international blues/roots/soul/rock/singer songwriter scene.

On the evening itself, Jo Harman will be playing a full set, with an extended band, plus the incredible US Grammy Winner Mike Farris will be joining her on stage for a few tunes, following his own solo performance (a tour de force in itself!). With the wonderful Dom Martin, flying in from Belfast especially, to open up proceedings this will be some night at a prestigious, award winning London venue! Something of a Festival, within a festival, indeed, a limited number of half price early bird tickets are now available at a truly bargain price £11 plus booking fees.