Jo Harman Found A Place
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4th June 2020

Jo Harman's reputation centres around the fact that, ever the genuine artist, she only ever seems prepared to engage with the industry under her own terms. It's three years now since she travelled to Nashville to record her highly acclaimed, and commercially successful, 'People We Become' album and there is no obvious signs of new material and/or any return to the studio any time soon. In the face of this, Jo's (supportive) management have gained her permission to issue a retrospective, titled 'Found A Place', featuring mainly stripped back, but still beautifully crafted, recordings only previously issued as 'fans only' physical copy. This, plus one or two, never before released, extra songs from those sessions.


So keen, indeed, is Jo to ensure that people don't mistake this extended retrospective as her third studio album proper, that she has issued the new release packaged in the form of two EP's, rather than an album per se. Either way, the 60 minutes of music makes compelling listening. Beautifully recorded and stripped back to the bone, sometimes just voice and piano, sometimes with added string quartet, sometimes horns, occasionally full band, 'Found A Place' demonstrates her place amongst the creative elite as she takes you on a very personal emotional journey through a collection of both her own compositions and meaningful covers.

Found A Place – Extended Double EP

  • 1. I’m Gonna Keep You Guessing
  • 2. Cloudy
  • 3. Lend Me Your Love
  • 4. Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow
  • 5. When In The Night Hour
  • 6. Changing Of The Guard
  • 7. Found A Place
  • 8. Father and Son
  • 9. Worthy of Love
  • 10. Sideways
  • 11. Two Shades of Hope
  • 12. I Can Let Go Now

So, whilst the likes of Rag N Bone Man, Nitin Sawhney and other industry notables take to twitter to proclaim her as 'one of Britain's finest talents', Jo seems content to quietly swim below the mainstream radar doing her own thing, in her own way, pretty much safe in the knowledge that her talents will largely secure her a career for as long as she likes, on the path of her choosing, unaffected by industry trends and perceived wisdom.

'Jo Harman is an incredibly believable and soulful singer. Perhaps right now, the UK's finest' Chris Wells, Editor Echoes

‘Jo Harman’ – style and effortless class.’ Blues And Soul Magazine

‘Our featured track today is ‘Cloudy’ the powerful and heartfelt new cover from the excellent Jo Harman‘ Laurel Canyon Music, Song of the Day

‘I love “Cloudy”! What a voice! What a talent!‘ David ‘Kid’ Jensen (former BBC Radio 1 and TV Presenter)

‘Beautiful and powerful…on this recording, she surely makes this song her own’ Soul Tracks

‘Beautiful new recording by Jo Harman of a tune associated with Average White Band in the 70’s‘ Stephen Foster BBC Suffolk (Drive Time)

‘Live Nation Record of the Week!!‘ Chris O’Donnell (Senior at Live Nation)

‘Out today, atmospheric new version of Hamish Stuart’s Average White Band-era tune ‘Cloudy’. Jo performed it last night in an impressive set' Paul Sexton (Sunday Times, BBC Radio 2 journalist)

‘WOW, its mind blowing. She makes the words come alive and has the gift that means you feel that she’s telling the story just to you.‘ Orphy Robinson, MBE, Noted jazz musician and bandleader, and Delight Radio Group Presenter

'The best cover version of this song. When Jo sings it, I believe her' (song's composer) Hamish Stuart (AWB, McCartney, Aretha, Chaka etc)

‘This is my favourite song of the moment, …I couldn’t stop playing at home at the weekend……loving it…absolutely gorgeous, a great, great singer….personally I think this is exceptional’……..absolutely fantastic……‘ Robert Elms BBC Radio London


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